Acrylamide coursework

Because of the high water solubility, acrylamide can easily contaminate water system and not likely to be source of air contaminant due to its low vapour pressure. The usage of polyacrylamide flocculants that contain residual levels of acrylamide monomer is a major source of drinking water contaminate by acrylamide. Public can expose to the acrylamide contamination from the polyacrylamide that used as flocculants agent in water treatment system (Brown et al., 1980, Howard, 1989). In potable water treatment, polyacrylamide containing in it must not exceed more than % (w/v) monomer. It may not be removed in most of the technique used in water treatment process (Croll et al., 1974). Igisu et al., (1975) has reported the cases of acrylamide poisoning in Japan as a result of acrylamide contaminate the water supply. Acrylamide was found to remain in tap water at least for two month after flocculation with polyacrylamides as it is water soluble and is not readily absorbed by sediment (Brown et al., 1980).

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Acrylamide coursework

acrylamide coursework


acrylamide courseworkacrylamide coursework