Applying critical thinking

At the expense managers meeting, there was no shortage of cost cutting suggestions. Starting with the big three of advertising, inventories, and personnel, the management team evaluated and formulated various views and viewpoints that each individual could understand and appreciate. During the meeting discussions, management discovered that advertising could be reduced in some areas, as there was duplication among the newspaper ads, the Auto Trader magazine, and direct mail ads. Cost and expense reductions could also be realized by reducing the amount of vehicle and parts inventories kept on hand to meet the lower sales volumes now seen.

The resume will always be around and serve as your primary means of communicating skills with a prospective employer. But remember that you are more than just a list of skills on a piece of paper. The interview lets the employer see whats not easily determined from a resume and also your chance to shine. Mastering the art of showcasing your "secret skills" will let an interviewer know you are person they need to hire.

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Applying critical thinking

applying critical thinking


applying critical thinkingapplying critical thinkingapplying critical thinkingapplying critical thinking