Art therapy masters thesis

The second-year internship offers an opportunity for students to mature and specialize as clinical interns. With the guidance of the Clinical Coordinator and the clinical guidelines and requirements students can choose their own clinical site which need not have an art therapist on site. This internship lasts the entire academic year and gives the student the experience of being part of a treatment team. Often when students choose an internship site where there is not a pre-existing art therapy service, they receive first hand experience of developing this service, with administrative and clinical supervision. The result of this experience often is the creation of job. A large percentage of the students are offered jobs at the conclusion of their internship in sites where they have created the service. Students receive off-site supervision by a registered art therapist as well as two group small supervisions on campus.

There is a sense of genuine community within the school that is nourished by faculty, administration and students. You are invited and encouraged to come out to the art therapy studio where the sense of community is particularly strong as we informally make art, talk together and explore our creativity. During Portfolio Review, Students also share a review of significant artwork that they created during the first year. This is an opportunity for students to informally share their experiences from first year, with art therapy faculty, through their own imagery.

These events are generally considered to be normal parts of the life cycle. Not everyone will experience a divorce or marriage or have a child, but many will experience discrimination, lose a job, go through a breakup, and experience other affecting events, whether major or minor. Stress will therefore be a part of most people’s lives, but it may be somewhat easier to manage when experienced in smaller amounts, especially when other factors help mitigate the stress. A marriage, for example, is generally considered to be a happy event, and though it may be stressful to plan and prepare for the ceremony, the excitement experienced by the couple may help reduce the physical and mental effects of the stress experienced.

Art therapy masters thesis

art therapy masters thesis


art therapy masters thesisart therapy masters thesisart therapy masters thesisart therapy masters thesis