Constitution comparison essay

Former Republican Representative Virgil Goode ( VA-5 ) was nominated at the convention in Nashville, Tennessee on April 22, 2012. [110] Goode received 203 votes; 202 were required for a majority. Darrell Castle of Tennessee, national vice chairman of the Constitution Party, came in second with 120 votes. Other candidates who received votes were Robby Wells from North Carolina, former football coach at Savannah State University; Dr. Laurie Roth of Washington state, a radio talk-show host; and Susan Ducey of Kansas, a Registered Nurse. [111]

In addition to the subject matter creating federal jurisdiction, the Constitution describes several categories of “controversies” identified by reference to the parties. For example, controversies “to which the United States shall be a party” can come to federal court. But if a lawsuit is brought against an employee of the Postal Service, is the United States a party? Likewise, while the Constitution specifies that the federal judicial power extends to controversies between two states, a body of decisions debate the question of when a state is a party, and whether, for example, a regional body co-run by a few states can have access to federal courts by virtue of this provision.

Constitution comparison essay

constitution comparison essay


constitution comparison essayconstitution comparison essayconstitution comparison essayconstitution comparison essay