Essay on alcoholism in india

However, a good friend of mine--my former roommate from the Saint Anthony House of Drunks--always told me that he would prefer to quit alcohol entirely and only smoke marijuana if he could afford it and if it were legal. Sometimes he had alcohol withdrawal seizures if he drank too much--and sometimes he had blackouts and would injure himself when drinking. None of these things ever happened to him if he stuck to the happy weed. The US policy of keeping weed illegal is simply inhumane. That is all. REFERENCES Charlton BG. (2005). Diazepam with your dinner, Sir? The lifestyle drug-substitution strategy: a radical alcohol policy. QJM. Jun;98(6)

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“They’ll catch a horse, ride him bareback and terrorize the community. They’ll beat people up and drag them behind the horses. These are young boys, like 11 and 12.” Becky Sotherland, tribal police officer On a recent night, Sotherland looped and weaved behind a group of houses, each in the non-descript style common on the reservation. She prefers to patrol her beat on foot as It’s easier to get the drop on unsuspecting drinkers and other lawbreakers, she says. She steps lightly and always carries a stash of doggy treats for the guard dogs and ferals that are common in the more populated areas of town.

Essay on alcoholism in india

essay on alcoholism in india


essay on alcoholism in indiaessay on alcoholism in indiaessay on alcoholism in indiaessay on alcoholism in india