Essays on human rights violations

In any case, the argument from first-generation to second-generation rights was never supposed to be a matter of conceptual analysis. It was rather this: if one is really concerned to secure civil or political liberty for a person, that commitment should be accompanied by a further concern about the conditions of the person's life that make it possible for him to enjoy and exercise that liberty. Why on earth would it be worth fighting for this person's liberty (say, his liberty to choose between A and B) if he were left in a situation in which the choice between A and B meant nothing to him, or in which his choosing one rather than the other would have no impact on his life?" [17]

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Media Campaigns —The YHRI videos have been promoted on more than 4,600 TV channels around the world. The videos have aired on TV stations, including CNN, Dynasty TV (which airs from New York to China), ABS-CBN in Malaysia, Zenit TV in Hungary, TV Mitel in Czech, Europa 7 in Italy, Tele Mexiquense in Mexico, Chanel 51 Nova TV in Colombia, Odeon TV in Italy and many more, reaching hundreds of thousand of people around the world. In addition to the media carrying our YHRI message of human rights across the airwaves, taxi drivers, theaters, shopping malls, sports arenas and electronic billboards have shared YHRI videos with hundreds of thousands more.

Essays on human rights violations

essays on human rights violations


essays on human rights violationsessays on human rights violationsessays on human rights violationsessays on human rights violations