Fast food pros and cons essay

I have been doing pump classes a few times a week for several months now. I am a 51 year old woman in pretty decent shape. Former career as a professional dancer. Subsequently, I’ve got some old injury issues – unstable knee ligaments on left, pain in the right rotator cuff, and some compressed lumbar and cervical discs. I know what I need to do to avoid further exacerbating these weaknesses. This means my fellow travelers see me in class with perpetually low weights. I look fit, so I’m sure they are wondering why I’m sandbagging. Well, this is one explanation. What I really don’t understand are those who load up with too much weight and continue with poor form – it truly is cringe-worthy!

Hi Alys, I wouldn’t recommend one of the programs over the other. With BBL there are a lot of squats and lunges which can sometimes be hard on the knees if that is a concern. I would not recommend doing both at the same time as to not risk overtraining. I do have a hybrid schedule of the two programs located under the PiYo category if you wanted to look at following the two at the same time. With either program you are going to get a great workout, my best advice is if you like Yoga or Pilates go with PiYo, if you are more into dance/toning workouts then bbl could be a better option. Bethany

Fast food pros and cons essay

fast food pros and cons essay


fast food pros and cons essayfast food pros and cons essayfast food pros and cons essayfast food pros and cons essay