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Born on June 19th, 1931 in Lime Springs, Iowa Luella was the 7th child of John and Josephine Meyer. She grew up on a small farm without electricity or indoor plumbing. Luella was always a good athlete who played basketball and kittenball at Lime Springs High School. After high school graduation, she earned her teaching degree from Teacher's College (later to become University of Northern Iowa). Luella taught first through fourth grade at Waucoma and West Branch, Iowa schools.

Luella married her college sweetheart John F. (Jack) Frost of Jesup Iowa. Jack was a first year medical student at the University of Iowa when they first met. They married a year later and relocated to West Branch Iowa until Jack finished medical school. Upon graduation, Jack and Luella moved to Wichita, KS for Jack's internship. Jack enlisted the United States Air Force a year later and they spend the next 4 years moving to a number of different states. By the time Jack finished his tour of duty, Luella had borne him 5 sons and the sixth and final followed a short time later, making a complete basketball team with one bench warmer. In 1963 Luella and Jack finally put down roots in Saint Donatus where they raised their family.

Nevertheless, claims that skillful Union and incompetent Confederate generalship explain the outcome of the war are not convincing. The Union did finally find the winning team of Grant and Sherman. Grant, often regarded as the war’s best soldier, displayed his talent when capturing Fort Donelson (1862) and Vicksburg (1863). Overall commander from March 1864, he slugged it out with Lee in Virginia and won the war. Sherman’s capture of Atlanta and his marches through Georgia and the Carolinas weakened the South logistically and psychologically. However, the Union army had more than its fair share of blunderers. Inept Union generalship actually gave the Confederacy a chance of victory. Even Grant and Sherman were far from supermen. Their 1864-5 campaigns were won because their forces were larger and better equipped than those of the enemy. Within a framework largely shaped by Davis and Lee, Confederate forces fought numerous battles, raised civilian hopes, stretched Northern will to the limit on more than one occasion but ultimately failed to achieve independence. This failure does not mean that the offensive-defensive strategy was flawed. There was no other rational strategy. Lee deserves to be held in high regard. Despite being outnumbered in every major campaign in which he fought, he won stunning victories. If other Confederate generals had fought as well, the war might have had a different outcome.

Good way to start a dbq essay

good way to start a dbq essay


good way to start a dbq essaygood way to start a dbq essaygood way to start a dbq essaygood way to start a dbq essay