Harvard university phd education dissertation

The Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS) Program at Harvard offers . training in the biosciences, built outward from core training in contemporary genetics, biochemistry, and molecular, cellular, and mechanistic biology. Under the BBS umbrella are nine engaging research communities comprised of basic science departments and interdepartmental programs at Harvard Medical School. We think of these communities as our “neighborhoods within the city”. Each provides a close-knit environment where faculty and trainees with common interests work together to advance research in their field and participate in training activities tailored to the diversity of career trajectories for today’s PhDs. BBS combines the unparalleled choice of research lab, made possible by its unique breadth and depth, with the cohesiveness of shared-interest communities typical of smaller departmental programs. Come join us.

A joint degree offered by HBS and the Department of Economics in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the PhD in Business Economics combines economic analysis with the practical aspects of business. This degree is primarily intended to prepare students for careers in research and teaching in business administration and related fields of economics. Possible fields of specialization include corporate finance, organizations and markets, international business, business strategy and industrial organization, corporate governance, and business and government.

At Stanford, the annual football game against the University of California Berkeley Golden Bears is regarded the Big Game. It is preceded by Gaieties, a student-produced musical follies. Stanford has won the Director's Cup , which honors the most successful program in NCAA Division I sports for the last 12 years. In 2005-06, Stanford won three national team championships and had 13 teams in the top five and 20 in the top 10. Forty-two athletes and coaches also represented Stanford at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Stanford offers about 300 athletic scholarships . About 800 students participate in intercollegiate sports.

Harvard university phd education dissertation

harvard university phd education dissertation


harvard university phd education dissertationharvard university phd education dissertationharvard university phd education dissertationharvard university phd education dissertation