Illegals working research paper

There has been an increase in fraud especially Medical fraud carried out by illegal immigrants according to (Lutton18). This was foreseen to cause shortage of finances for the health sector for many years to come. For instance in Arizona the Department of Health was frauded out of $15 million. Most of the 20 defendants were Nigerians who accepted committing the crime. They fraudently charged Medicare for patients with inflated prices for prescriptions or refused to deliver already paid for orders. They did this with the help of nurses.

Most faulty personal data in SSA files will need to be corrected at some future point irrespective of how the information is used in the E-Verify system. Under present conditions, an individual may not become aware of problems in his or her SSA file until applying for retirement benefits. But it is better to correct faulty SSA data sooner rather than later because individuals who are employed with faulty or mismatched SSA identity records may not get full credit for their employment for purposes of calcu­lating future benefits. While correcting errors in the SSA files may be slightly inconvenient, it is in the best interest of the individual to correct all problems as soon as possible.

Illegals working research paper

illegals working research paper


illegals working research paperillegals working research paperillegals working research paperillegals working research paper