Keeping environment clean essay

It is very important to keep a clean house. No one wants to sit in a nasty house because you can attract bugs and other unpleasant things in your home. I don’t even think its healthy to keep a dirty home because keeping a dirty home can cause different types of medical I don’t believe in having said “chores”. In my house we go by “You mess it up, you clean it up.” However I do think its important to have a day where its nothing but clean up. You clean your own room, the kitchen, bathroom, or whatever. That’s what we do in our home. You clean your own room on your own time, and if you dirty up the kitchen you clean it. And in some cases the bathroom. But as far as stuff like living room or hallway or something then its a set time to clean up, but those rooms hardly ever get dirty.

These extraterrestrial samples might shed light on the formation of the solar system and perhaps yield clues about the origins and evolution of life on Earth and beyond. However, astronauts have to make sure they collect samples in ways that do not potentially allow alien microbes to spread uncontrolled on Earth. They also have to avoid bringing Earth microbes to other worlds, because such contamination could disrupt the hunt for signs of life in any samples gathered from those sites afterward. These challenges fall under a rubric known as "planetary protection." [ 5 Bold Claims of Alien Life ]

Keeping environment clean essay

keeping environment clean essay


keeping environment clean essaykeeping environment clean essaykeeping environment clean essaykeeping environment clean essay