Kite runner essay atonement

In "The Kite Runner," the reader is shown the theme of love and friendship between the interaction between the central protagonist Amir and his best friend Hassan. Amir is a sensitive and intelligent son of a well-to-do businessman in Kabul, and he grows up with a sense of entitlement. His best friend is Hassan, and he goes back and forth between acting as a loyal friend and attacking Hassan out of jealousy whenever Hassan receives Amir’s father’s affection. One day he allows himself to be the spectator of a horrific rape of his best friend Hassan doing nothing but watch. From this point forward, he is driven by his feelings of guilt as he searches for a way to redeem himself. This interaction between Amir and Hassan is profound as it clearly enlightens the important theme in the text of love and friendship. This is because Hassan always showed true love and friendship towards Amir and never hesitated to stand up for the truth even in the most dangerous of situations. For example at the beginning of the text Amir and Hassan are approach by the towns bully –Assef. This is one of the many examples of where Hassan defends Amir without even considering the possible outcomes. This interaction and relationship is highlighted by Hosseini through the language feature of symbolism. The symbol being of brotherhood both before they found out they were biological brother and after. This is because from birth “there was a brotherhood between people who had fed from the same breast, a kinship that could not break.” This symbolism is strong throughout the text where they has a strong and special bond unlike any other servant master relationship. This was because they almost spend all their spare time together and loved each other like a brother. The brother hood was shown clearly by Hassan’s respect of Amir even after everything he has done to him. He was always thinking “What will Amir Agha think?” and said that there will always be a...

Father and Son Relationships is a very significant theme and it occurs often in The kite runner. First of all, Fatherhood is very important theme because mothers are rarely present in the story. In the beginning novel, Amir and Baba have a problematical relationship. The two lack an intimate relationship. Baba was hard on Amir because it eased the guilt of not treating Hassan equally. However, in the end of the novel, Baba and Amir build a good relationship with each other and Baba dies a happy man. On the contrary to Baba and Amir's relationship, Sohrab and Hassan have a great father and son relationship until Hassan's death.

"For you a thousand times over," were the words that Hassan said to Amir when he ran the blue kite (67). Unfortunately that is when Hassan encountered Assef in the alley. Assef demanded the blue kite but Hassan refused to give it to him. Hassan promised Amir the kite therefore he was going to bring it to his friend. Hassan paid the ultimate price for his act of loyalty. But when it was all said and done Hassan delivered the blue kite to Amir. That shows the true meaning of loyalty he was willing to suffer in order to get his friend what he promised him. Even when Amir betrayed him Hassan remained loyal to his friend. I find it very sad that the letter he wrote to Amir was not read until after he was dead. What made it even more painful was the fact that Amir and Hassan were actually brothers. The death of Hassan in the hands of the Taliban was a terrible fate for such a great soul.

Kite runner essay atonement

kite runner essay atonement


kite runner essay atonementkite runner essay atonementkite runner essay atonementkite runner essay atonement