Legalizing marijuana essay title

The following  charts sourced from the Denver police department  show clearly what legalizing Cannabis has done to crime levels. And what’s better than low crime rates? How about a projected $1 billion in marijuana sales that will translate into $100 million in revenue for the state of Colorado, according to budget projections by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. The world stands in awe, and every other state should take notes. Reduce tax-payer money on crime and use tax-income from marijuana sales to build libraries and schools, heck even a new community park named ‘High Times’ would be apropos.

Many addiction treatment specialists believe marijuana is a gateway drug with the potential to introduce a user to more serious illegal substances, like cocaine or heroin. Research also suggests that its use may be linked to a higher risk of prescription drug use. A recent Yale University School of Medicine study revealed that teenage boys who abused alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana were 2 to 3 times more likely to abuse prescription drugs during young adulthood. Marijuana use alone was associated with increased prescription abuse in the teenage girls examined through the study [ 5 ]. Legalization, then, could increase societal and financial costs for treating those who are introduced to heavier drugs by smoking marijuana.

Legalizing marijuana essay title

legalizing marijuana essay title


legalizing marijuana essay titlelegalizing marijuana essay titlelegalizing marijuana essay titlelegalizing marijuana essay title