Mccain feingold act essays

he is a traitor McCain has been un-American since the days of Vietnam he had to be pardoned by Nixon before he got lumped with other pows . they will all tell you he was called songbirtd gave away all our codes etc and our men wherever they attacked were sitting ducks the enemy knew so many killed because of this . hs dady was the big shot admiral in charge of all the military so he got away with it all. time he paid the price for his treason in arab spring arming our enemies with graham Hillary and Obama . he is owned by soros and for glob alization he was also on hillarys payroll she helped his reelection like graham for 2020 she made sure no good democrat ran against him and no more funds went to the gop against him rigged so rigged time he paid for this one listening in on presidents phone calls that is treason to me ok Sessions get to work on this one

It was a dangerous mission — taking the planes into the teeth of North Vietnam's fiercest anti-aircraft defenses. As the planes entered Hanoi airspace, they were instantly enveloped in dark clouds of flak and surface-to-air missiles. Still cocky from the previous day's kills, McCain took the biggest gamble of his life. As he dived in on the target in his A-4, his surface-to-air missile warning system sounded: A SAM had a lock on him. "I knew I should roll out and fly evasive maneuvers," McCain writes. "The A-4 is a small, fast" aircraft that "can outmaneuver a tracking SAM."

Throughout his career, opponents consistently went for below the belt knocks, but McCain did not stoop to their level. Despite gutter tactics used in 2000, McCain took the high road. And in 2008, both in the primary and when he ran against Barack Obama, he displayed perhaps the most issue-oriented, least negative campaign we’ve seen in modern times. Many say the upbeat tone and professionalism of both candidates made the 2008 campaign one of our nation’s best. Gallup polling showed McCain finished the campaign with an approval rating higher than his disapproval rating—a rare occurrence for candidates, especially those who lose. Had there not been George W. Bush’s low approval ratings, the Great Recession and Sarah Palin, who knows what would have happened? Speaking of campaigning…

Mccain feingold act essays

mccain feingold act essays


mccain feingold act essaysmccain feingold act essaysmccain feingold act essaysmccain feingold act essays