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"Yes, I do. Going to execute me?" Still that gentle smile. Sitting here now, on my hill, I don't understand why I just walked out. I had no excuse for letting him get away with his crime. It was not my decision to make. Yet... I can't remember what I'm killing for; can't remember what I'm living for.       cinch   something easy to accomplish       unperturbed   free from emotional agitation or nervous tension       flabbergasted   to shock someone, usually by telling them something they were not expecting          

In the unspeakable acts department, there is never any reason to take credit from someone that works for you. This only puts poison in your own well. If there is any ambiguity as to who came up with what idea or is responsible for some achievement, yield in their favor (or if it was a real collaboration, and not a manager fabricated one, liberally mention their name with yours, as in “Sally and I…”). Smart people will repay you for your generosity many times over with their trust. On the other hand, since smart people often care more about their ideas than anything else, if they can’t trust you with them, they’re unlikely to trust you with anything else.

Steal essays

steal essays


steal essayssteal essayssteal essayssteal essays