Value higher education essay

“Families already know that our public colleges and universities are more affordable; now we want to spread the word about the high caliber of our academic programs, the increase in internship and study abroad opportunities, our honors programs and new facilities,” said Commissioner Santiago. “We know that in every community, parents are worrying about college costs but also wanting the very best for their children. Especially for students who see graduate school in their future, we think that making smart decisions about the undergraduate experience is more important than ever. That’s why we’re stepping our efforts to promote the value of public higher education in the Commonwealth.”

Declining Numbers of American Students in STEM Programs:  According to a recent report by the Commission on the Future of Graduate Education in the United States, in 1977 82 percent of doctoral degrees were awarded in the . to . citizens; however, this figure had fallen to 57 percent by 2007.  Also of possibly great significance, the proportion of engineering students has declined significantly (29 percent in 2007, down from 56 percent in 1977); and physical sciences is also in a downward trend (43 percent, down from 76 percent); and doctoral degrees awarded to citizens have shown even sharper declines.

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Value higher education essay

value higher education essay


value higher education essayvalue higher education essayvalue higher education essayvalue higher education essay