Writing custom xslt function

Saxon-HE does not offer all the capabilities that were present in Saxon-B. Most notably, support for Saxon extension functions and other extensions was dropped, as was the capability for writing extension functions that rely on dynamic loading of Java or .NET code (a new facility for "integrated extension functions" is however available). Users whose code relies on these features of Saxon-B should either purchase the Professional Edition product or stick with Saxon-B: the latest release of Saxon-B is , and although there are no plans to develop it further or maintain it, it will remain available indefinitely.

2. XslCompiledTransform class Without XML control 

In the .NET Framework a class XslCompiledTransform is present in the namespace that can be used to do the transformation. Then the XslCompiledTransform object calls the Load() method to load the XSLT file content into the object. Next it calls the Transform() method to create a HTML string and write data into the TextReader object.

Here I added a Label control to display the generated HTML content that is generated from XML data. The following code can be used to transform XML data from an XML file () using the XSLT file().

Add the following namespaces:

Unless we are involved in heavy duty hardware issues the choice most of us face these days is between developing software applications for mobile devices, web browsers, and the desktop. What kind of mobile device? iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows? What kind of desktop? Apple, Windows, Unix? And what approach do we take to the web? Should the website be fancy or utilitarian? Is it for us or to attract business? Should the program be a combination of these? Should there be a secure desktop basis supplemented by mobile portals or web programs for employees on the move? And so on. Not easy choices. All of us at Cambria have our favored approaches, but there are enough of us that you can expect our advice to be as impartial as a group of fallible software developers can make it.

Writing custom xslt function

writing custom xslt function


writing custom xslt functionwriting custom xslt functionwriting custom xslt functionwriting custom xslt function